Midhurst Tree Care is a fully insured, full service tree care company based in Sussex County, New Jersey. With more than 25 years of experience in the tree care business, Midhurst Tree Care provides complete and professional tree and shrub care services. We have the knowledge, skill, and equipment to get the job done right! We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your immediate needs. We are committed to helping protect the health and beauty of your trees and landscape plantings. Our services are provided with your satisfaction guaranteed. Find out why Midhurst Tree Care is the most trusted name in tree service!



Trees are pruned to help preserve their health and appearance. Pruning involves the removal of dead, dying and diseased damaged branches. While pruning we may also remove the excess sucker growth. Overlapping branches are sometimes removed to prevent rubbing and the eventual decay that can cause. It is also desirable to remove live branches to permit air and sunlight penetration through the canopy. We will also prune and reshape your formal landscape plantings to help improve their health, appearance, and manageability.

Tree Removal

We specialize in the safe and efficient removal of dead and hazardous trees. We can also help to evaluate your property to determine which, if any trees, may need to be removed due to poor health, root damage, construction or close proximity to structures.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding involves the mechanical removal of stumps and above surface buttress roots to approximately 4-6 inches below ground level. Our machinery is self propelled which makes access to almost all locations possible.

Cabling and Bracing

The installation of various cable supports is an inexpensive form of tree insurance and an important part of any complete tree maintenance program. Cables and braces are necessary to help prevent tree failure due to V-Crotch formations, split or weak crotch formations, or the detachment of long and massive branches.

Storm Damage

Storm damage involves cleaning up areas left damaged by storms and, where possible, repairing damage that may have occurred to your trees.

Lot Clearing / Land Clearing

We can clear your property for new home site construction or to increase the open space at your present location.

Brush Mowing / Forestry Mowing

Forestry mowing uses a large equipment mower to cut and grind plant stems. Rather than a clean cut though, the mower blade leaves stems shredded. A shredded stem requires significantly more energy to repair, and most plants will use up all the energy stores in their root systems to try to repair the damage. This ultimately stresses the plant past the point of regeneration. Plus, grinding the cut material scatters it like a mulch layer over the site, leaving the debris to decompose and return nutrients to the soil. Forestry mowing is ecologically friendly because it leaves the topsoil in place and returns the nutrients of the mulched vegetation back to the soil. Mulching the material in place with one process and utilizing only a single machine and operator means costs are less per acre than when compared to traditional methods.

Timber Stand Improvement

We will work in conjunction with a certified forester to help accomplish your long term goals in your forest and landscape plan.